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Under Construction

Oc: Jenni and Curt by KurosuAiConstruction Zone!

Things are going to be consistently changing here for...a while.

Sorry if things look a little wonky!

- Moosic -

~ Featured song!
Nothing More - Jenny
{This section is subject for frequent change}

- Trololol -

~ Featured troll song!

{This section is subject for frequent change}

- Who is Jenni? -

Heart Line Divider by kittiehcakes
[Commission] Avery Icon by oOSolarEclipseOo Avery Chibi Icon by Kaji-Tanii
mini CupCake by Sweet-Rainbow-Panda~ About Me ~

Jennifer Jxxxxx
Milwaukee, Wisconsin ~ 25 years old ~ Mommy ~ Fiancee

Nicknames ~ Jen / Jenni / Toxi {Thanks to dA, lol}

Birthday ~ February 9th

Things I Like ~ Ponies! / Creepy Things / Foxes / Cutesy Things / Deer / STUFF!

Things I Dislike ~ Bugs / Sea Creatures / Dentists / Peer Pressure

My Closest dA Frands:
I need to figure this out again...
Hiatus killed my friendships...


This box is for my personal use!
Bad memory...

Commissions I'm Waiting on:
:bulletgreen: = Paid for
:bulletred: = Not paid for

Dreamcatcher Divider by XuNeilDreamcatcher Divider by XuNeil

:bulletgreen: Akh Egyptia Ref Sheet from xCollideWithTheSky
:bulletgreen: Ariel pony drawing from DropDeadThenDance
:bulletgreen: Insaria Creeper from Doodleshire

^These are probably people I'll NEVER commission from again. ^
I've been waiting these things for over a year two years...

:bulletgreen: 3 pony piece from Aurora-dorable
:bulletred: Nirveli piece from Lunamoon6657
:bulletgreen: Pok3-pony custom from Airi-draws-stuff
:bulletgreen: Pony custom from cueen

Should I do a "doll it again" meme thing? 

30 deviants said Yes! Do it! I'm curious to see.
2 deviants said Kind of like, "draw it again," but with dolling bases. Just to see exactly how much my skills have improved?
2 deviants said No. That sounds stupid.


Oct 24, 2016
5:16 am
Oct 23, 2016
8:04 pm
Oct 23, 2016
4:33 pm
Oct 23, 2016
4:07 pm
Oct 23, 2016
1:32 pm

Well, hai there --

Toxi's Minions --

This is a section dedicated to the people I've become close to in my time here on dA.
I've had to remake it since I came back from hiatus...
It seems a lot of people just dropped me off the face of the earth while I was gone...

If you're not on here and think you should be, PLEASE feel free to tell me.
I noticed a lot of people changed names while I was on hiatus, so I don't know who's who anymore.

My Interweb Wife
My totally willing, not at all unwilling, wife that isn't really my "wife."

My Interweb Side Wife
No one has to know about our love.
But at the same time, everyone will know.

My bae's:
These people mean life to me. By far my closest friends I've ever made on dA.
{In alphabetical order}
:iconaurora-dorable: :icondrawing-heart: :iconqyrrhic: :iconfaw-n: :iconlullabyprince:
:iconoosolareclipseoo: :iconpoisonlicious: :iconrainjay-xx: :iconspottie-dots: :iconstyxlady:

Toxi's bxtches:
Friends I've made here on dA, but don't talk to me as much as some others.
{In alphabetical order}
:iconaledera: :iconapocoliptik: :iconazrealrou: :iconbastiiles: :iconcobaltthefox: :icondaintysparkles:
:iconfluffomaru: :iconhalabaluu: :iconiexoholici: :iconipandacakes: :iconkorria1234: :iconkurosuai:
:iconmemesquid: :iconcuqss: :iconm00nbutt: :iconsarahostervig: :icondeadgraves: :iconsmallspiritgraphics:
:iconthejakevale: :iconviralacorn: :iconwhiterabbiit:

Rad Peeps:
This is basically a combination section.
It's a combination of a} People I talk to here and there, and find to be really nice, or b} People I really look up to and never expect to be seen by.
{In alphabetical order}
:iconad-opt: :iconairi-draws-stuff: :iconlunei-elune: :iconaque-laven: :iconarcadianphoenix: :iconashtrol:
:iconcindrytuna: :iconcherri-crimzon: :iconcigarscigarettes: :iconcorelle-vairel: :iconculpeo-fox: :icondefigure:
:iconprobablyfakeblonde: :iconfluttershysocks: :iconhikariviny: :iconhitmewithbrokenleave: :iconjack-a-bear: :iconinviizzible:
:iconipun: :iconivory-bolt: :iconjak2299: :iconkaji-tanii: :iconjunipper-berries: :iconluckyjokerz:
:iconmilkyribbon: :iconmiss-bow: :iconkimmypop: :iconmisspinka: :iconocrystal: :icononiponii:
:iconpanty-prince: :iconparfaitpichu: :iconpepooni: :iconpikachumaster: :iconpyoo-kee-pony: :iconrainbowscreen:
:icons0mb3r: :iconsilverromance: :iconsoulkillur: :iconspade-sisters: :iconsevenspirals: :iconthemackerel:
:iconwhysteria: :iconxwhitedreamsx: :iconxxcandyangelxx: :iconzowiestardust-mlp:

This is a little place made extra special for my closest friends.
Eventually, everyone will be listed here.
I just need more art...


toastiebuns - Caye
THIS person.
This person right here.
Is my best friend on deviantart.
I've known her for a very long time, and she's always been the one to stick near me, no matter what happens.
She's always willing to help me and give me advice when needed.
And on top of that, she's a total dork.
Anyone who knows me, knows I always find myself attached to dorks.
I can make the most inappropriate jokes to her, and instead of freaking out, she'll play along and make it 10x more awkward.
Our personalities just click perfectly.
One of those cases where I can easily say:
"To get to her, you'll have to go through me."


Drawing-Heart - Petra
I honestly haven't know this girl all that long.
I met her in a mutual friends' stream and fell in love with her art.
After talking with her, I fell in love with her too!
I now consider her one of my closest friends here on dA.
Even though she lives on the other side of the world, she's so easy for me to talk to!
I feel like I can talk to her without being judged and looked down on.
On top of her being a total goof.
Go give her some love!

- Commission / Request Info -


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